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Operational Reviews

Is Everything In Your Lockbox Running Smoothly?


OK, so maybe your Lockbox is one of the lucky ones that has been operating in a steady state environment for some time now. Perhaps you put in a new system in the last few years and have ironed out most of the issues. Then again, maybe not!


How is your carryover? What about overtime? Your same day processing commitments? Error rates? Productivity and utilization rates?


If any of these issues are a problem, perhaps you are a candidate for a remittance site operational review. We use proven best practices and industry benchmarks in a 300+ point review to help tune up your lockbox operation to achieve maximum performance in every area of your operation:


  • Shift Scheduling

  • Staffing

  • Courier Services

  • Post Office Location and Sorting Centers

  • Mailroom Operations

  • Transports

  • Openers/Extractors/Scanners

  • Keying/Balancing

  • Workflows

  • Reporting

  • Archiving

  • Reports

  • File Transmissions

  • Parameters

  • Business Rules

  • Exceptions

  • Rejects

  • Errors

  • Customer Support / Inquiries

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Returned Checks

  • General Ledger Posting / Reconciliation

  • Network Security

  • Host interface connectivity

  • Productivity and Throughput

  • Equipment / System Utilization

  • Maintenance

  • Metrics

  • Financials

Great Idea to be Proactive!

Be proactive!


Don’t wait for a crisis to occur in your lockbox before you react.


Find out what others in the lockbox industry are doing to battle the same issues you are facing.

We can give you some new ideas for your trouble spots!

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