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Business Cases

Building an Effective Business Case for a Lockbox


With the changes in the payment industry and the technology used to process these payments, companies are constantly faced with upgrade and outsourcing decisions for their lockbox. Finding the right lockbox consultant to assist can be difficult.


Garrett Consulting Group offers a full line of lockbox consulting services around business cases. We can provide templates to get you started or work with you to develop a complete business case. Our business case methodology includes the following:


  • RFI / RFP Templates

  • RFI / RFP Development

  • RFI / RFP Evaluation

  • Industry Overview (Rules / Standards)

  • Operational / Workflow Analysis

  • Staffing / Scheduling Review

  • Financial Analysis Models (NPV, Payback)

  • Risk Analysis

  • Scenario Analysis

  • Soft Factors

  • MS Word Business Case Document

  • MS Excel Workbooks

  • MS PowerPoint Presentation

Building an Effective Business Case

Do you have the internal resources necessary to create an effective business case for your lockbox? Are you under a tight deadline?


Let us help.

We can give you some new ideas for your trouble spots!

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