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List of Services

Whatever your lockbox needs - we're ready and able to help.


We can start at any stage of your project and carry it through to the end. Unlike some consultants in the lockbox industry, we have hands on experience working with high volume retail and wholesale lockboxes across diverse market segments. We are familiar with the hardware, software, and workflows used for lockbox processing.


All of our services are available a la carte. You pick and choose what services you want. You are not committed to use us any more than you need. We do not charge for travel time, only for work performed. We adhere to your travel rules and policies. Once we commit to specific dates for your project, we will not be available on those dates for other customers. Our availability is generally first come, first serve.

Business Cases:

  • Financial Analysis (NPV, Payback)

  • Technology Upgrades

  • Outsorcing

  • Insourcing

  • Site Consolidation

  • Disaster Recovery


  • Back Office Conversion


Automation Strategies:

  • Exception Processing

  • Mail Extraction

  • AR Posting Interface

  • General Ledger Interface

  • Bank Reconciliation Interface

  • Manual Processes


Vendor Product/Services Analysis:

  • Hardware/Software Functionality

  • New Feature Design

  • Market Strategy

Remittance Platform Upgrades:

  • RFI/RFP Preparation

  • Vendor Evaluation

  • Workflow/Staffing Models

  • Contract Terms

  • Client Requirements (SOW)

  • Host interface Specifications

  • Bank/AR Reconciliation

  • Test Plan / Test Script Development

  • Acceptance Test Administration

  • Debugging / Error Tracking

  • Procedural Documentation

  • Production Cutover Support



  • Lockbox Contract Terms

  • Lockbox Pricing

  • Lockbox SLAs (Metrics)

  • Project Management

  • Operator Training

  • Operational/Technical Reviews

  • Error/Root Cause Analysis

  • Performance Measurements

  • Metric Benchmarking

  • Document/Form Design

Let us put our lockbox experience to work for you.

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